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Box 107 Kathmandu, Nepal Tel : + (977-1) 5523200 Fax : + (977-1) 5523991, 5523986 Website : www . Upper-caste Newars remain the most over-represented community in terms of socio-political access. Tika airi chhetri on March 20, 2022. The National Report says, "Over the last 15-20 years, three groups, namely Sudi, Kalwar and Teli have socially upgraded their status from the water unacceptable to the water acceptable community within the Tarai origin Hindu caste groups."[14][15]. A small proportion of Muslims also live in the city. Then there are prayers for harvest and prosperity for a given year. If the funeral ritual is not celebrated, the deceased can not go further and instead will haunt the living in the form of an evil spirit. Adhikari, Aidi, Ayer, Bagale, Bogati, Baruwal, Bohara, Balair, Bakheti, Batala, Balayer, Baniya, G.C. [6] that marginalized the monarchy, and the Chhetri presence in the armed forces, police, and Government of Nepal. Pal would be Parbatiya Thakuri Bhul chhetri ra dalit kasari bhaya yo bisayama thap samagri bhaya janakari pauna hajur. They are known for their cheerfulness, good humor, resourcefulness, and self-confidence. The caste system defines social classes by a number of hierarchical endogamous groups often termed jaat. Though the Newah are scattered throughout Nepal, they are primarily concentrated in the Katmandu Valley and in surrounding countries. There are also a number of larger towns where the important temples or monasteries are located. Chhetri (Kshetri, Kshettri, Kshetry or Chhettri), (Nepali: pronounced[tsetri]; IAST: Ketr) historically called Kshettriya or Kshetriya or Khas are Nepali speakers of Khas community, some of whom trace their origin to migration from medieval India. The above-mentioned table clarifies that the majority of people i.e. They are considered the largest caste group in 21 districts of Nepal as per the 2001 Nepal census and 24 districts as per the 2011 Nepal census. However, this has not happened yet but we are hopeful. Dont Tell Your Nwaran Name, KEEP IT SECRET, 60 Flowers Names in Nepali; What Does it Symbolize, 43 Different Authentic Nepali Spices Name In English. [20], Participation of Khas-Brahmins in the civil service is 41.3% in spite of its population size of 12.2%. Due to this people marry in their caste and avoid same gotra. Reply. Now Before we go, we have to acknowledge that we are all the same. Chhetri people, traditional soldiers and administrators are considered as chettri community.Many chhetris are mixture of Khas and Magar people, that is the reasons why many Magar people and Chhetri people have similar Surnames 'Chathariya Shrha' are the descendants of Malla and Licchavi rulers, their nobles and courtier clans and are considered as Kshatriyas of Newar community. Few Kshetri clans give male buffalo sacrifices on Maha Ashtami day. [16] The law also comprised Pryacitta (avoidance and removal of sin) and cra (the customary law of different castes and communities). Although violent acts are sometimes seen against them, especially when one of them enters, or terraces peacefully while walking the main artery of the city, nevertheless they are considered as holy beings. Another gotra Kashyap came to be from Rishi Kashyap. Another important festival is the Tihar festival Dipavali, a festival of lights lasting five days. How Do Different People Assess Social Change In Nepal? Dalits and Labour in Nepal: Discrimination and Forced Labour. In urban areas, both castes have the privilege to serve government, political and financial industries. The ethnic makeup of Nepal reflects the historical migratory patterns into the country from the North and South. Kathmandu: Ministry of Population and Environment, HMG, Nepal. Many Chhetrich serve in the Nepalese army or in the Gorkh brigades of the Indian or British army. [5], The ancient tribes living around the northern territory of modern Nepal seem to have been less influenced by the fourfold Varna system of Hinduism. Shukra Raj Shastri (1894-1941), Freedom Fighter, Martyr. The village affairs are managed by a formally or informally formed council of elders, in which Brahmini and Chhetri often play a significant role due to the status of landowners and relatively high education. Chhetri. Dhimal Caste. Rana Jang Pande, the leader of Pande faction, was the Prime Minister of Nepal in 1841 A.D.[25] which might have caused large Pande officers at 1841. [34] The European Union has been accused of direct interference, creating ethnic strife and negative discrimination towards Khas Arya due to their recommendation to remove the reservation for Khas Aryas.[35][34]. Sunil's father KB Chhetri officer retired from the EME Corps of the Indian Army. [6], According to 2011 Nepal census, Kshetri stands as the most populous group in Nepal with 16.6% of Nepal's population (or 43,98,053 peoples). The costumes of the community become costumes of folk dancers and folk dance has been practiced in our . The Newar have a wide range of occupations. Marriage among Sagotri people remains unacceptable to date. According to popular belief and various historical sources Sthiti Malla first codified the Newar caste system in the Nepal Arthasastra in the 14 th century. In rare instances a representative photo may be used. Given below is a list of Gotra and Thari in Nepal: Courier/Cargo/Logistics Company in Kathmandu,Nepal, Best Ayurveda Hospitals/Clinics in Kathmandu,Nepal, Chauchau Recipes All You Need To Know About. They also had a strong presence in civil administration affairs. In the rural context, the traditional subsistence agriculture system and age-old caste structure have significantly changed, and a relationship based on wage labour on land is being developed.[25]. February 7, 2022. The Sage Atreya is the person behind Atreya Gotra. There was a popular folk legend that the Chinese failed the strategic attacks on 1792 AD due to the effect of religious war cry of Jai Bhawani. The caste system conjoints a structural class divide which persists, in which lower castes/ethnicities are generally socio-economically are not equal like those of higher castes/ethnicities. As a result of occupational changes, increased education, their own efforts to emulate the upper castes and consolidation of political power, urban Dalits in the Terai have moved up in status. Blanks mean an unknown value. 7188, This page was last edited on 5 October 2022, at 18:20. In 1963, a law (New Muluki Ain-1963) was passed making it illegal to discriminate against other castes led all castes to be equally treated by the law. Their domestic and religious practices are also patterned after the higher Hindu castes of India. So lets make our world a better place and treat each other as humans and peers rather than people of castes. Tools. However, this has not happened yet but we are hopeful. Karanjit > Newar > Bha Many surnames also immediately tell those in Although caste or tribe based hierarchy has been a hallmark for all ethnicities of Nepal, only three societies traditionally were part of the four Varna concept of social division and hierarchy. Many historians called Kshetris as Decendents Of Magars. The villages consist of loosely grouped homes surrounded by farm land. Khas Chhetri: 16.6: 2: Hill Brahmin/Bahun: 12.18: 3: Magar: 7.12: 4: Tharu: 6.56: Why was caste system created in Nepal? Most houses have two or more stories. This in turn will make them easier to be preserved since a tradition or a ritual only truly dies when no one remembers it. Agirl during the first menstruation is transferred to another house, where she is hidden by the eyes of men from her family and from sunlight. MOPE (2002). This custom was traditionally only prevalent in the three Indo Aryan societies of the Khas, Madhesi, and Newars. So, to make this matter convenient, here we have come up with the lists of castes and their respective sub-castes which will make you crystal clear about the castes-related facts. The present Thakuri and Raute Thakuri are a single caste. Full list of family names of hilly, Himalayas, terai, Madhesh regions. It is she who takes care of children, home, preparing meals, as well as the mowing in the backyard garden and plant care. [1], As per the Public Service Commission of Nepal, Brahmins (33.3%) and Chhetris (20.01%) were two largest caste group to obtain governmental jobs in the fiscal year 201718, even though 45% governmental seats are reserved for women, Madhesis, lower caste and tribes, and other marginalized groups. Surnames in Mandabya gotra include Panthi, Bajgai, Gyawali, Maskey, Katuwal, Bajhai. Joseph on June 17, 2022. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Nepalese girls were traditionally married before they reached the age of ten. To find your choice, press Control+F and type the surname to see which caste/community/ethnic group and sub-caste/clan it falls under. If these major three communities (upper-caste Khas (Bahun & Chhetri) and upper-caste Newars (Shresthas) or the 'BCN' combine their shares in the Government of Nepal, civil service employment is 89.2% in 1991. They speak Nepali, which is the country's official language. That caused Kunwars to rise to power and all Kshetris were thrown of power. Girls help care for the younger children, carry food for the animals, and haul water. [8] Kshetri dominate the military forces with nearly all high ranked officers belonging to either Kshetri or Thakuri caste. It is said that there are the main 8 gotras evolved from the Rishis (sages) who were mind-born sons of Bramha, one of the Hindu Trinity. The venerated sage in Hindu culture is behind the Bishwamitra gotra. Their domestic and religious practices are also patterned after the higher Hindu castes of India. Sankhadhar Sakhwa (879 AD) philanthropist, related to Nepal Sambat. Chhetri was a caste of administrators, governor and military elites in the medieval Khas Kingdom and Gorkha . Notable Newar people:-. All Brahmini and Chhetri are Hindu and profess most basic Hindu beliefs. Khas Chhetris were traditionally considered a division of the Khas people with Khas Brahmin (commonly called Khas Bahun). Bhadrakali, a popular form of Goddess Kali, is the main deity of the Nepalese Army (previously Gorkhali Army) due to prevalence of Kshetri commanders. He was the oldest Vedic Rishi and the teacher of the Hindu figure Ram. For further queries follow Tips Nepal and show some love. [8][9] According to the 1854 Legal Code (Muluki Ain) of Nepal, Chhetris are the social group among the sacred thread bearers (Tagadhari) and twice-born people of the Hindu tradition. [1][12], Hierarchies of Major Caste/Ethnic Groups in Nepal according to Muluki Ain:[17][18], Terai Brahmin (referred in the code as Indian/Desi Brahmin) (no mention of Terai Kshatriya groups), Gurkha clans - Gurung, Magar, Kirat (Rai and Limbu). Since the promulgation of the Muluki Ain (Legal Code) in 1854, the caste categorization in Nepal is taken as the primary organizing principle and the major determinant of social identity. Ravens receive sweets and other delicacies in a gift, and pets decorate themselves with flower garlands. The most ambitious and powerful among the Chhetris, the Khas kings began to further claim a new caste where they merged with the Magar kings of Gandaki region to form a royal hybrid Thakuri caste. People on the Indian Uttarakhand side claimed the Rajput caste while the same Khas people in Farwest and rest of Nepal claimed Chhetri caste. 94 Intriguing Newari Surnames and Caste Based on their Traditional Occupation, 100 Popular Nepali Brahmin Surnames Or Last Names, By Region. Chhetri . Despite the forceful integration by the state into the pan-Hindu social structure, the traditionally non-Hindu groups and tribes do not necessarily adhere to the customs and practices of the caste system. They recognize local gods, goblins, and spirits. "Chapter 3. sabin basnet on May 16, 2022. khulal Basnet ko gotra chai k ho? Surnames under this gotra are Dumadi, Rai, Nirbansi, Rayal, Alina, Bhatta. The Marwadi people have lived in Nepal for several hundred years. gelal caste in nepal gelal caste in nepal (No Ratings Yet) . Classical dance, which happened in Nepal, is completely based on ancient culture and is founded for a . , Transliteration: Maawali ko thar jogaunu, Budamaawaliko ghar jogaunu. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,,, " , ",, "Related ethnic groups" needing confirmation, Articles using infobox ethnic group with image parameters, Articles containing Nepali (macrolanguage)-language text, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. [33] But they are allowed reservation in federal parliament and provincial legislature. Only the poorest families do not own land. In 1963, Legal Code was replaced by New 1964 Legal Code. "Drafting the 1990 Constitution." In Michael Hutt, ed., Nepal in the Nineties, 1994. [24], According to Professor Madhusudan Subedi, economic and political advancements have pushed the caste system to break its stagnancy and status quo. Furthermore, many of us have little knowledge about the category of caste we fall into. Then the cleansing ceremony is performed and the name is given. Their moral values and social and political strength continue to play a commanding part in contemporary Nepalese life. [6] All of the Prime Minister of Nepal between 1768 and 1950 were Chhetris with the exception of Ranga Nath Poudyal, being a Brahmin. Bratabandha Ceremony in Nepal What is it and How it Gunyo Cholo in Nepal Dress / Ceremony / Age, ()- Pachbhaiya (Maharashtra), ()- Patil (Maharashtra), () Bhandari (Thansinghe), ()- Bhandari (Suntakhane), ()- Rajopadhyaya (Suvedi), ()- Rajopadhyaya (Risala), ()- Rajopadhyaya (Rimal), () Rajopadhyay (Acharya), () Khoptari (Budhathoki), () Ghimire (Chitikhole), (/) Thapa (Bhandari/Bhandare), // Bharadwaj / Atri / Atreya, // Shandilya / Bharadwaja / Kaushik, // Bharadwaj/Atri/Atreya, // Kashyap/Gautam/Bhardwaj, / () Pokhrel/Pokharel (Dangali), (/) Bishta (Kharkhole/Ghyara), () Budhathoki (Shogari), () Budhathoki (Khaptari), () Bhandari (Thansinge), () Bhandari (Suntakhane), () Mahataro (Chhetriya), () Mahatara (Chhetriya), / () Chanyo/Chancho (Thakuri), / () Chan/Chand (Kama Unipyunani), ( ) Thakuri (Syangajali Khamdi), /( ) Thakunna/Thaguna (Sinha Thakuri), ( ) Bama (Rakse Thakuri), ( ) Bama (Chatyala Thakuri), ( ) Malla (Samala Thakuri), ( ) Malla (Parvate Thakuri), ( ) Malla (Doteli Thakuri), ( ) Malla (Achami Thakuri), / () Rana/Ranaji (Kunwar), ( ) Som Vanshi (Achhami Atrithakuri), ( ) Shah (Raskoti Thakuri), ( ) Shah (Meghali Thakuri), ( ) Shah (Kaskeli Khand), ( ) Shah (Kalyal Thakuri). Boys usually tend to the animals. Worship to these deities were necessary before wars. Sometimes, Bhandari Kshetri family of Jaswanta Bhandari was also considered as Kaji Khalak family of the Royal court of Nepal. Dhananjaya gotra came from a Hindu Rishi Dhananjaya. Most surnames in Atri Gotra includes Arjel/ Arjyal, Bhatta, Chapagain, Khatiwoda, Ojha, Wosti, Gotama, Bam (Rakse Thakuri), Mishra, Adhikari. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Budhiganga Municipality had a population of 21,700. After the rise Rana dynasty(Kunwars), the number changed to 10 Basnyats, 1 Pandes, 3 Thapas and 26 Kunwar officers totaling to 61 Chhetri officers in the year 1854 A.D.[19], Chhetris dominated the position of the senior officers of the Nepali Army comprising 74.4% of total senior officers in 1967. [5]Kunwars claimed royalty and changed their surname to Rana (meaning: King) from Kunwar (meaning: Prince). And in Nepal, caste wise there are three caste having surname Bhandari. [21][22], The nobility of Gorkha were mainly from Chhetri families and they had a strong presence in civil administration affairs. This stands true especially in this modern era where the distinction between them is getting blurred. Kshetris are noted for resourcefulness and charity.

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