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The Bates celebrated Thanksgiving. Video: Katie and Travis' Clark's First Christmas. Birthday: February 1, 1997 Eleven of their children are married while one is in a relationship. There are a few pregnant family members, as well as a wedding in the works. A post shared by Warden Bates (@wardenjbates). Happy anniversary to Bobby and Tori Smith. Kelly Jo Bates Age: 48 Birthday: October 26, 1966 Bio: Kelly Jo is the daughter of a preacher. Your email address will not be published. Bio: Jackson and his two immediately younger brothers are known by the family as the three musketeers. Every single part of the baby journey is worth it, and being parents is the best part of our story.. Birthday: November 21, 1990 Although Lawson was rumored to be dating Jana Duggar in the past, he is currently dating actress Tiffany Espensen, who happens to be close friends with Bindi Irwin. Happy anniversary to Zach and Whitney Bates! They have 4 children. Why does differences in their age matter? Lol!!! I just wondered one thing. Jeb's birth was filmed for TLC reality cameras, which captured his struggle to breathe on his own after his birth, according to the Daily Mail. The couple also recently added a dog to their family. She has one older brother and five younger siblings. Sorry about that! She is expecting her first child and is due in April 2015. We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Why do you not have Ashley Salyer's birthday listed? Could we have their names on the home page like the Duggar's still tryingbto figure out all of the names. Travis and Katie have been married for a little over a week and today we are sharing new photos of their wedding. In addition to writing about and watching TV, she enjoys spending time with her family and cats, baking, reading, and doing DIY projects. I don't think so. I hello my name is Thia Swan and I just recently found out that more then likely have uterine cancer and all I wanted to do was try to reach out to the Bates to ask for prayers. They have been the subject of two television shows, United Bates of America, which aired on TLC in 2012, and Bringing Up Bates, which aired on UPTV from 2015 to 2021. Lily and Ellie, Did Gil and Kelly ever name any of their miscarried babies? Nobody has a birthday in March? We have a new photo of Chad and Erin to share with you all. 'Bringing Up Bates' Family's Disturbing, Controversial History Surfaces November 20, 2021 Bringing Up Bates, News, Reality TV, UPtv Author Recent Posts Aubrey Chorpenning Aubrey Chorpenning has been a freelance writer since December 2016 and has primarily focused on reality TV and celebrity news. In honor of Khloe Bates' second birthday, which was three days ago, we're throwing it back to October 2019, when Zach, Whitney, Bradley, and Kaci were patiently awaiting her arrival. Could you put Erins due date on there please? Go to Duggar site to ask @ Duggars. Born on October 5, 2000, Katie recently got engaged to her now-fiance. I watch the show every Tuesday. Ranging in ages from 9 to 32, the Bates family keeps on growing. Lawson proposed at the Tenuta Larnianone, an estate and winery located in Siena. Every day life is a miracle, but this is such a special miracle for our little family, the couple told People in August. Happy 2nd birthday to Khloe Bates! She goes by "Michael". I am wondering if anyone out of the Bates family(extended included) could be a prayer partner for me. One Bate le Tackman was recorded in the 1273 Hundred Rolls. i like the Duggars layout better for birthdays. You need to update your blog and add Alexi Mae Webster on here under January!!! Brandon and Michaella celebrated six years of marriage. So it's bittersweet on that day every year. Gil and Kelly had 4 miscarriages. Addallee is currently being home-schooled. This past month, she "witnessed" her aunt's wedding to Travis Clark. In August, Chad and Erin announced that they were expecting their fifth miracle baby due in January 2022. Miscarriages can be very painful. So, fans should stay on the lookout for more pregnancy news from their favorite Bates family members. what church do thay go to Lillie and Ellie? Several new humans will be joining the family in 2021. Why not go by the original birth mane Michal ? Thanks! Lawson married Tiffany Lian Espensen (February 10, 1999 (1999-02-10) (age24)) on May 12, 2022. However, some of the younger kids are still at home with Gil and Kelly Jo. So many of you have asked if their weddings will be featured on Bringing Up Bates. She was born at 10:29pm on February 17th, weighing 6 lbs 1 oz and measuring 19 inches long. In the background, another brother calls out "George Floyd.". June 14, 2021 (age 1) Kaci Lynn Bates: June 20, 2016 (age 6) Charlotte Raine Smith: June 24, 2021 (age 1) July. Does anyone know when Gil and Kelly got engaged and/or when they started dating? Birthday: July 27, 1992 Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. So who are they celebrating today? We hope our American readers had a very happy Thanksgiving! Whitney Bates, Bradley Bates, Kaci Bates, Kaci Bates, Bradley Bates, Zach Bates, Khloe Bates, Lydia, Trace Bates, Mama Jane Bates, Papa Bill Bates, Zach and Whitney Bates with Whitney's parents, Chad Paine, Erin Paine, Zach Bates, Whitney Bates, Carlin Stewart, Carlin Stewart, Layla Stewart, Evan Stewart, Zach Bates, Whitney Bates, Alyssa Webster, Tori Smith, Kolter Smith, Kade Smith, Bobby Smith. I have finished watching your series on Tubi. Could u list who had miscarriages n when? The Bringing Up Bates family is always growing, and fans can't keep up with how many grandkids have joined the family. Erin is due in January 2022, so it won't be long. Heres everything you need to know about the reality TV family. In this throwback Bates web exclusive video, which was released almost three years ago, the family gathers for a cooking competition. We are excited about what God is doing in our lives, and we cant wait to see what He has in store for our future., Jackson Bates is described by his mom as "someone that's incredibly strong." There would be no Bates family without Gil and Kelly Jo. Also add Bill and Jane Bates, Gil's parents as well. Birthday: January 1, 1965 2021 Family Day Schedule Registration is now open for Back to Bates Family Day on Saturday, October 2, 2021. We cannotwait to see what God has in store for this couple. Zach Bates, Erin Paine, and Lawson Bates are the contestants, and the other members of the clan are the judges (video below). Bio: Addallee was born with serious complications that caused her heart to stop. If so.Unknowingly, you could be making things unpleasant for her. But there is and it's a pain that we feel everyday. This worship was taken from our 7PM Friday service on April 15, 2022, at Resurrection Campmeeting 2022 at Family Worship Center Church in Baton Rouge, Louisi. Nathan and Esther Bates' Wedding Highlight Video. Travis and Katie got married. Tori was born on December 20, 1995, and is expecting her third child. Hes also the tallest member of the Bates family. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Why is Michaella's name Michael????? She and Bobby just celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary (that sure came fast!) I Saw on Wikipedia that Brandon's Middle name is Timothy and Whitney's middle name is Eileen I know that anyone can add or change to Wikipedia's and I just wondered if you knew if there was any truth to those being their middle names I know Chad and John's have been made public knowledge or at least mentioned by Kelly but I wasn't sure if Brandon or Whitney had and you ladies always have truthful news and so I figured if anyone who wasn't actually a bates knew the knowledge it would be you ladies. Before they landed a show on UPtv, they filmed a pilot for TLC called The United Bates of America. Unless otherwise stated, photos courtesy of: UPtv;;;;; @zachnwhitbates; @websterforever; @johnw1121; @bobby_torilayne_smith; @josie_balka; @keltonbalka; @carlinbates98; @evanpstewart16; @jacksonebates; @wardenjbates; @tracewbates; @kgbates2000;, Copyright 2012-2016 Bates Family Blog. Erin Bates is a musician. Go may birthdays!!!! Bio: The youngest of the 19 kids, Jeb is described as a bundle of energy and joy.. Her husband is Evan Stewart, who she has one child Layla with. Michael "Michaela" Bates and Brandon Keilen. Maybe you could do a third column that is more strictly birth order like you have it on the Duggar blog. Josie married Kelton Edward Balka (July 4, 1995 (1995-07-04) (age27)) on October 5, 2018. Hes also said to be a great singer and a hard worker. John and Alyssas wedding date: May 24, 2014. var sc_project=8621503; You'll have to add Kolter to the birthdays and the grandkids as well as the cover. Alyssa celebrates her birthday on November 9, and was born in 1994. :), that's awesome yea josh and Anna duggar married on my it's so cool yea and will definitely remember there anniversary yayI LOVE THE BATES AND DUGGARS. When Gil and Kelly Jo Bates married in 1987, they didn't plan to have kids, but something changed over time; now they're parents to 19 children -- yes 196,928 people like this 209,891 people follow this She also got to "witness" her aunt get married to her newest uncle on December 3, 2021. AMCs Sentai Filmworks Snags A Major Anime Deal, Bradley Gilvin, 7 years old (Zach and Whitney), Allie Jane, 6 years old (Alyssa and John), Charles Stephen/Carson, 6 years old (Chad and Erin), Kaci Lynn, 5 years old (Zach and Whitney), Brooklyn Elise, 5 years old (Chad and Erin), Robert Kade Ellis, 3 years old (Tori and Bobby), Willow Kristy, 2 years old (Josie and Kelton), Khlo Eileen, 2 years old (Zach and Whitney), Holland Grace, 2 years old (Chad and Erin), Jadon Carl, 5 months old (Zach and Whitney), Hazel Sloane, 5 months (Josie and Kelton), Charlotte Raine, 5 months (Tori and Bobby). Jedidiah Duggar appears to be getting married in April 2021. . In an effort to help out, heres a handy photo guide, followed by ages, birthdays and brief bios for each of the family members. I never had this issue until a few months ago. So if. $50 adoption fee will be returned to you - if you get him neutered within 30 days of adoption. I know what they are experiencing because I lost my first one. It sure has been quite the season for relationships in the Bates family! Warden, born on May 19, 2003, is the 13th child of Kelly and Gil. This will allow them to travel easier. For 10 seasons, UPtv's Bringing Up Bates has documented the lives of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their 19 kids. Her family are not church goers, but I believe the hand of God has touched them as they are all good. On Friday afternoon, Travis and Katie got married. 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. I am extremely fond of Kelly Jo/ . Birthday: May 2, 1991 We have new photos of Trace and Lydia to share with you all. John and Alyssa welcome their fourth daughter into the world and named her Maci Jo Webster. 10 WEEK MEN'S Program Final; BUS 225 Module One Assignment: Critical Thinking Kimberly-Clark Decision Stuvia 1018254 nr 602 midterm exam graded a2021. Together, they have welcomed 19 children and now have 17 grandchildren, so they are certainly used to having little ones run around the house. She is being brought up as an active participant of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Did Kelly have any help through the years? Trace Bates Bates Family Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Today is Erin and Chad Paine's anniversary. (: I think that you have done a wonderful job with the site. September- Brandon, Judson, and Whitney celebrated their birthdays. Eleven of their children are married while one is in a relationship. Thank you for all you do!! Just be 1. Age: 50 Happy 2nd birthday to Holland Paine! His grandfather would later join heaven early Saturday morning. Birthday: October 26, 1966 Bio: Zach serves as a county commissioner and is a first-responder. Birthday: November 9, 1994 She has been a flower girl at two of her siblings weddings, as well as a junior bridesmaid at her sister Carlins wedding to Evan. Age: Newborn Carlin Bates Makes Drastic Change & Chops Off Long Locks, Bringing Up Bates Newest Grandkids Meet, See Precious Photo, 7 Little Johnstons Anna Takes Fans On Tour Of New Home, Chad and Erins fifth child, Finley Marie, Carlin and Evan will welcome their second child.

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