305th infantry regiment ww1 roster

During training, it was decided that patches could make it easier for the soldiers to identify one another in battle. Artillery never served with the 30th Division in France, but supported various divisions. Please note: Some morning reports are in poor condition and may be difficult to read. The regimental citation read: "For greatest fighting spirit and self-sacrifice during action of April10, 12 and 13, 1918. You may first want to search the WW1 Draft registration cards for basic information on individuals (see Draft cards section below). It later served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. edmonton to kelowna driving; famous gemini scientists. December 3, 2013 / portraitsofwar. . Quis autem velum iure reprehe nderit. Lynchburg, VA: J. P. Bell company. The regiment demobilized at Camp Upton on 9 May 1919. web pages Earned their nickname Rock of the Marne after famously holding back the Germans on the Marne River on July 14, 1918, thereby protecting Paris. / 3 Comments. Conway, Coleman Berkley (1920) History 119th Infantry, 60th Brigade, 30th Division. 328TH MACH GUN BN, 329TH MACHINE GUN BN HQ - CO C 332ND MACH GUN BN, 332ND MACHINE GUN BN CO C - CO B 336TH MACH GUN BN, 336TH MACHINE GUN BN CO B - CO D 340TH MACH GUN BN, 340TH MACHINE GUN BN CO C - CO B 344TH MACH GUN BN, 344TH MACHINE GUN BN CO B - HQ DET 347TH MACH GUN BN, 348TH MACHINE GUN BN HQ DET - CO D 3RD MACH GUN UNITS, 83RD MACHINE GUN FORWARDING BN - MED DET 6TH AAC MG BN, 6TH ANTI AIRCRAFT MG BN - CO 24TH TDD MGTC, 72 CO MTD MGTC CP HANCOCK - CO 6 S.A.T.C UNIV OF ILL, HQ S.A.T.C IOWA STATE - CO B UNIV OF MICH TRAN DET, S.A.T.C 1ST CO UNIV OF MICH - S.A.T.C. His listed profession at the time was Piano Maker; his Italian hometown matches perfectly with his WWI service record, so we know its accurate. 75th Ranger Regiment Special Forces Infantry Regiments/Battalions Army Campaigns Pre-divisional Orders of Battle . [from old catalog] Andernach-On-The-Rhine: M. Dumont Schauberg. (The 117th Engineer Train was formed using the NC National Guard.) Box 22101 Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-2101 or email us directly at : 65thIRMA@gmail.com Subject: Borinqueneers List If you need assitance in requesting your DD-214, you can contact us for assistance. 321TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT ENL ORD-BTRY B 322ND FA REGT. Printers. 10TH CO CAC L.I.S.-DET 100TH CO CAC JEFFERSON BKS MO REDES 4TH CO CAC L.I.S. Annapolis Valley Obituaries, Additional information such as birth/death dates and Findagrave listings are located on that list also. The regiment's 3rd battalion is inactive. Army. In May 1959 the regiment was reorganized as a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System to consist of the 1st Battle Group, an element of the 77th Infantry Division under the Pentomic division design. We are always recruiting. 10TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY A- BTRY D. 10TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY D- 11 TH FA HQ. 2ND HV MOBILE ORD REP SHOP-39TH REGT,CO B. The 305th Infantry Regiment was a National Army unit first organized for service in World War I as part of the 77th Infantry Division in Europe. (Benjamin Allison) Stiles, Bert W. [from old catalog] Freehold, N.J., Transcript printing House, 1922. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. 1ST ALABAMA INF SUPPLY CO -CO G 2ND INF REGT ALA NG, 2ND ALABAMA INF NG CO G -CO I 4TH ALA INF REGT, 2ND INF ARK NG CO L - BTRY A 1ST FA CALIFNG, BTRY B 1ST BA FA CALIF NG - CO I 2ND INF CALIF NG, 2ND INF CALIF NG CO K - CO B 7TH CALIF NG, 7TH INF CALIF NG CO C - TRP A 1ST CAV COLO NG, 1ST CAV COLO NG TRP A - CO B 1ST SEP BN INF COLO NG, 1ST SEP BN INF COLO NG CO B - BTRY E 10TH F CONN NG, 10TH FIELD ART CONN NG BTRY E - SAN DET 2ND INF CONN NG, 2ND INF REGT CONN NG DET 28 - 2ND INF CONN NG, 2ND INF REGT CONN NG DET - 3RD INF D.C. NG, 3RD INF REGT D.C NG DET - CO L 3RD INF D.C. NG, 3RD INF REGT D.C NG CO M - MACH GUN CO 2ND INF FLA NG, 2ND INF REGT FLA NG CO A - TRP B 1ST CAV GA NG, 1ST SQ CAV GA NG TRP E - CO A 1ST INF GA NG, 5TH INF REGT GA NG CO D - CO B 2ND REGT IDAH NG, 2ND INF IDA REGT NG CO B - TRP L 1ST CAV ILL NG, 1ST CAV ILL NG TRP M - SUPPLY CO 1ST INF ILL NG, 2ND INF ILL NG DET - SUPPLY CO 4TH INF ILL NG, 4TH INF ILL NG CO A - SAN DET 6TH INF ILL NG, 6TH INF ILL NG HQ AND SAN - DET 7TH INF ILL NG, 7TH INF REGT ILL NG - DET 9TH INF REGT ILL NG, 2ND INF REGT IND CO L- INDIV OFF ROLLS IND NG, 1ST INF REGT IOWA NG HQ FIELD STAFF- CO D 1ST TNF IOWA NG, 1ST INF REGT IOWA NG HQ CO D- HQ CO 2ND TNF IOWA NG, 2ND INF REGT IOWA NG - CO C 3RD TNF IOWA NG, 3RD INF REGT IOWA NG - TRP A 1ST CAV KANAS NG, 1ST CAV KANSAS NG - HQ CO 2ND INF KANAS NG, 2ND INF KANSAS NG HQ CO - CO C 3RD INF KANAS NG, 3RD INF KANSAS NG - CO I 1ST INF KENTUCKY NG, 1ST INF KENTUCKY NG CO I - DET CO K 2ND KENTUCKY NG, 2ND INF KENTUCKY NG CO K - CO B SIGNAL CORPS KY NG, KENTUCKY NG CO B SIGNAL CORPS -CO C 1ST INF LA NG, 1ST INF REGT LA NG CO D -CO A 2ND INF MAINE NG, 4TH INF MARYLAND NG CO E - CO G 5TH INF MD NG, TROOP A CAV MARYLAND NG - CO D 4TH INF MD NG, 5TH INF MARYLAND NG CO G - SAN DET 1ST F.A.MASS NG, 1ST FA REGT MASS NG SUPPLY CO - CO C 2ND INF MASS NG, 2ND INF MASS NG CO C - CO H 5TH INF MASS NG, 6TH INF MASS NG - MACHINE GUN CO 9TH INF MASS NG, 9TH INF MASS NG SUPPLY CO - FIELD HOSP CO NG, FIELD HOSPITAL CO 2 IND - ORGANIZED MILITIA 31ST MICH, 32ND INF MICH NG SAN DET - 32ND INF MICH NG, 33RD INF MICH NG FIELD STAFF - CO G 33RD INF MICH NG, 33RD INF MICH NG CO H8 - BTRY B 1ST FA MINN, 1ST FA MINN BTRY B - DET CO I 1ST INF MINN, 2ND INF MINN NG CO M - MACH GUN CO 1ST INF MISS NG, 1ST INF REGT MISS NG SUPPLY CO - CO C 2ND INF REGT MISS NG, 2ND INF MISS NG CO D - CO A 1ST INF MO NG, 1ST INF MO NG CO A - SUPPLY CO 2ND INF MO NG, 2ND INF REGT MO NG - CO I 3RD INF REGT MO NG, 3RD INF REGT MO CO I- CO M 4TH INF REGT MO NG, 4TH INF REGT MO NG DET REGTL- CO C 2ND INF REGT MONT NG, 2ND INF REGT MONT NG CO C- CO D 4TH INF NEBR NG, 4TH INF REGT NEBR NG CO D- CO K 5TH INF NEBR NG, 5TH INF NEBR NG CO L- CO B 1ST INF N.H. NG, 1ST INFN.H. Documentation: Login; Register; county commissioner district 2 washington state. Approximately 3,000 names of 80th Division soldiers who were killed during the war. 504TH AERO SQ CONSTR - 624TH AERO SQ SUPP, 648TH AERO SQ AVN SEC - 676TH AERO SQ SUPP SQ, 677TH AERO SQ AVN SUPPLY - 814TH AERO SQ SILVER CO, 867TH AERO SQ SC - HQ 1ST AIR BASE CHQ AF, BASE HQ 1ST AIR BASE LANGLEY FLD VA- BASE HQ 4TH AIR BASE SQ MARCH FLD CAL, 4TH A.B. History of the Third ID. I found this document on line. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for US WW1 Army Infantry Equipment Disc Tag Unused 3 Prong. 335TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY D-BTRY F 336TH FA REGT. The majority of my World War One portrait collection are comprised of quality shots depicting unidentified soldiers posing for the camera in France or Germany. Divisional Infantry Regiments of World War I. August 25, 1917. He passed away in the Los Angeles area in 1990. Relieving the latter on the morning of May 15, the 307th Infantry joined the line. HQ 2ND INF BRIADE-VET FIELD 7TH INF BRIG. This is his US Army Serial Number 32349385. Buffalo Soldiers 11TH COMP 7TH BN P.S.-16TH CO 5TH BN P.S. He initially signed up with the 165th Infantry Regiment of the 42nd Division. Regiment 305th Regiment Lineage and Honors Information as of 8 July 2019 305 th Regiment Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as the 305th Infantry and assigned to the 77th. NY: Boni & Liveright. RA RCTS 13. INTER ALLIED FD RY IND WATERWAY COMM COBLENZ GERM-APO 714TH AEF HQ DET PROV REPL BN ARMY SCH. The 339th Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment of the United States Army, raised for service in World War I, that served in the North Russia Intervention and World War II. Second Division (Regular Army and Marines) The 315th Infantry (79th Division, United States Army) was a combat unit of the American Expeditionary Forces in France (p. 6). 342ND FIELD ARTILLERYBTRY D-BTRY F 343RD FA . The division was assembled at Camp Upton, NY, in June 1918. 1ST BOMB SQ GHQ AG MITCHELL FLD N.Y- 23RD BOMB SQ LUKE FLD T.H. 305th infantry regiment ww1 roster. Nashville : Benson Printing Co. It makes sense given his NY area residency at the time. 339TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY A-BTRY E 340TH FA . Categories . Documentation: What is 319th Infantry Regiment Ww1 Roster. 5 Foxfire Trace, Caswell Beach, NC 28465 Nearly all men between the ages of 18-45 registered during the years the draft was implemented, about 23% of the U.S. population. TEAMSTERS&PACKERS SCH FORT SAM HOUSTON-DET FINANCE DEPT FT DIX NJ. ORD DET, PIG POINT,VA-ORD DET SAN JUAN, P.R. Walker, John Otey (1919) Official History of the 120th Infantry 3rd North Carolina 30th Division, From August 5, 1917, to April 17, 1919. After extensive research on the gasmask of the soldier, I was able to track down a bit of info on him. 10TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT HQ BTRY- BATRY A 10TH FA REGT . Rare 1919 printed in coblenz Germany right after the war. 3RD MOTOR REPAIR BN 3RD QMC HQ CO- 3RD MOTOR REPAIR BN CO D. CO D 3RD MOTOR REPAIR BN-ADMIN #13 MOTOR TRUCK CO. ADMIN CO #702 MTC-463RD MOTORCYCLE CO MTC. Signal Troops2nd Battalion. Special engineer services for the US Army encompassed many duties including water supply, electrical-mechanical, camouflage, searchlight services, bridging, map making and reproduction, sound and flash ranging, light railways, road and quarry (Division Light Railways and Roads, or D.L.R. His draft card gives his exact birth date June 29th, 1895. ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 703-584-1501 Close LOGIN FOR DONATION. Americas first division, or the Big Red One, was organized in May/June 1917, the first after the US declared war on April 6. I assumed that the wearer was indeed Pizzolongo; but his great niece found the photo, passed it around the family email chain and determined that it didnt actually depict Peter. It was organized 12 February - 19 August 1901 at Fort Logan, Colorado, at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, and in the Philippines. The Division landed on the east coast of Leyte, 23 November 1944, and was attached to XXIV Corps, Sixth Army. 82ND FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-83RD FA HQ CO. 101ST FIELD ARTILLERY REGT DET-103 FA BTRY A, 103RD FIELD ARTILLERY REGTBTRY A-104TH FA BTRY F, 104TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY F-106TH FA BTRY C, 106TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY D-108TH FA SUPPLY, 109TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY F-111TH FA REGT, 111TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY D-113TH FA BTRY C, 113TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY C-115TH FA BTRY B, 115TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-117TH FA BTRY A, 117TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY A-119TH FA SUPPLY CO, 119TH FIELD ARTILLERY SUPPLY CO-120TH FA RECT, 121ST FIELD ARTILLERY HQ CO-122TH FA BTRY B, 123RD FIELD ARTILLERY HQ CO-SANITARY DET 124TH FA, 124TH FIELD ARTILLERY MED DET-GTRY F 125TH FA, 126TH FIELD ARTILLERY HQ CO-SAN DET 128TH FA, 26TH FIELD ARTILLERY ORD DET CO-DET OF PNTS 129TH FA, 129TH FIELD ARTILLERY DETS CO-BTRY E 131ST FA, 131ST FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY E-BTRY C 133 RD FA, 133RD FIELD ARTILLERY BTRYC-BTRY A 134 FA, 136TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY A-SUPPLY 138 FA, 138TH FIELD ARTILLERY SUPPLY-BTRY A 140 FA, 140TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY A-MED DETS 142 FA, 142TH FIELD ARTILLERY ENL ORD-BTRY E 143RD FA, 143RD FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY E-BTRY F 145TH FA, 145TH FIELD ARTILLERY DET-BTRY D 147TH FA, 147TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY E-HQ CO 149TH FA, 149TH FIELD ARTILLERY HQ CO-BTRY B 150TH FA, 150TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-BTRY F 151ST FA, 151ST FIELD ARTILLERY DET-BTRY B 302ND FA, 302ND FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-HQ CO 304TH FA, 304TH FIELD ARTILLERY MED SAN-BTRY D 305TH FA, 305TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY E-SUP CO 307TH FA, 307TH FIELD ARTILLERY MED SUP-BTRY E 308TH FA, 308TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY E-BTRY B 310TH FA, 310TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-ORD DET 312TH FA, 312TH FIELD ARTILLERY ORD DET-DET 79 312TH FA, 313TH FIELD ARTILLERY HQ CO-BTRY D 314TH FA, 314TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY E-BTRY F 315TH FAREGT, 315TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY F-HQ CO 318TH FA REGT. Shares: 296. 347TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY D-DET OF PNTS 349TH FA RECRUIT DEPOT. 77th Division. The 355th Infantry Regiment is an infantry regiment of the United States Army. Since then it has served as a training Regiment. The rainbow became the insignia. 15TH FIELD ARTILLERYHQ BAND- BTRY B 15TH FA REGT. While similar to the After Action Reports, these Unit History Reports provide more detail. Back in 2013 I posted a well-researched photo of a pair of doughboys wearing gasmasks and helmets posed overseas in 1918. We searched the National Archives Catalog and located a series titled Records of Divisions, 1917 - 1920 in the Records of the American Expeditionary Forces (World War I) (Record Group 120) that includes the records of the 305th Infantry Regiment, 77th Division in P 1241-77, Boxes 25-29. The majority of officers and all enlisted men were from New York State and practically all of the enlisted men from the Metropolitan District. The 315th Infantry was made up of three battalions and four special units: First Battalion: Companies A-D Second Battalion: Companies E-H Third Battalion: Companies I, K-M Thanks to Jeff Wignall for procuring this valuable resource. Has cheaper by chapter of the regiments history through the war. 1, FAG 52610708, John Schuler 01/13/2021. Signal Troops - 2nd Battalion. 2nd Div . This article contains an inventory of the microfilm/digital folders found in a FamilySearch Historical Records Collection. 1. 305th infantry regiment ww1 rosterfelix the cat traditional tattoo 305th infantry regiment ww1 roster. DET FIN DEPT FT MC DONNEL-FT WM MC KINLEY. Source: Brief Histories of Divisions, US Army, 1917-1918. 41ST FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B- BTRY C 57TH FA REGT, 57TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY D-68TH FA REGT BTRY B, 68TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-76TH FA HQ BTRY. [8] After adoption of the ROAD program,[8] the regiment was reorganized on 26 March 1963 to consist of the 1st and 2d Battalions, subordinate elements of the 77th Infantry Division. The Society of the Fifth Division (1919) The official history of the Fifth division, U. S. A., during the period of its organization and of its operations in the European world war, 1917-1919. Lost Battalion. Please see a quick excerpt from the official 305th Infantry Regiment unit history here: 305th History. baptist ordination service. The unit, which was formed during World War I, was made up of recruits from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. San Antonio: San Antonio printing co. Rock of the Marne/Blue and White Devils He was gassed once on August 15th, 1918 during the Battle of the Marne at Fismes. Documentation (with rosters): Harold Stanley (1917) Roster of the Rainbow Division (Forty-Second). HQ 3RD CORPS AREA -DET DEML ORGN RES HQ 317TH INF 3RD CORPS AREA. Sherwood, Elmer W. (1929). The regiment participated in the January 1943 Louisiana Maneuvers. Georgetown Lacrosse Record, Account. Documentation: & Awards Book . The soldier was clearly with the 77th Division based on his painted helmet with the Statue of Liberty insignia, and the 305 Inf. He was gassed once on August 15th, 1918 during the Battle of the Marne at Fismes. Johnnyp64, Oct 20, 2017. 21ST CO CAC FT PREBLE-5TH CO DC OF S. N.Y. CO CAC PLATTSBUG N.Y.-1ST CO FT CONSTITION, 1ST CO CAC PORTSMOUTH NH-6TH CO CAC POTOMAC MD, 7TH CO CAC POTOMAC MD-63RD CO CAC REDES TO 3RD CO CAC PUGET SOUND, 3RD CO CAC PUGET SOUND-5TH CO CAC RESERVIST, 5TH CO CAC PUGET SOUND-9TH CO CAC PUGET SOUND, 10TH CO CAC PUGET SOUND-13TH CO CAC PUGET SOUND, 13TH CO CAC PUGET SOUND-16TH CO CAC PUGET SOUND, 16TH CO CAC 1ST CO FORT WARD-115TH CO CAC FT WINGATE NM, 115TH CO COAST ARTILLERY CORPS-76TH CO COAST ARTILLERY CORPS, 76TH CO COC REDES TO 2ND CO CAC FORT WADSWORTH NY-4TH CO COC FT HANCOCK NJ, 4TH CO CAC FT HANCOCK NJ-HQ CACSAN FRANCISCO, 147TH CO CAC 1ST CO CAC FT WM SCOTT CALIF, 60TH CO CAC FT WINFIELD SCOTT CALIF-4TH CO SAN FRANCISCO AT FT WINFIELD SCOTT CALIF, 158TH CO CAC FT WINFIELD SCOTT CALIF-7TH CO SAN FRANCISCO AT FT WINFIELD SCOTT CALIF, 64TH CO CAC FT WINFIELD SCOTT CALIF-29TH CO FT MC DOWELL, 29TH CO CAC DEL MONTE CALIF-32ND CO FT MADSON CALIF, 32ND CO CAC FT TOTTEN NY-66TH CO FT BARRY CALIF, 66TH CO CAC FT SHERIDAN ILL-18TH CO C.D SAN FRANCISCO CALIF, 25TH CO CAC FT MILEY CALIF-38TH CO CAC SAN FRANCISCO CALIF, 39TH CO CAC SAN FRANCISCO CALIF-3RD CO CAC SAVANNAH GA, 74TH CO CAC FT SCREVIN GAF-1ST CO CAC FT HAMILTON, 3RD CO CAC FT HAMILTON NY-1ST CO CAC FT WADSWORTH NY, 1ST CO CAC FT HOWARD MD-15TH CO CAC SOUTHERN NY, 162ND CO CAC FT MONROE-1ST ARMY ARTILLERY TRK CO, TRUCK CO D ARMY ARTILIARY-CO C, 2ND CORPS ARTY PARK, CO C 2ND CORPS ARTY PARK-DET N.C.S CAC FT CASWELL, DET N.C.S CAC FT CASWELL-DET N.C.S CAC FT HOWARD, DET N.C.S CAC FT LEONARD-DET N.C.S CAC FT WINFIELD, DET N.C.S CAC FT WINFIELD SCOTT-DET N.C.S CAC COLUMBIA, DET N.C.S CAC COLUMBIA OREGON-H AND S CO 3RD AA, MED DET 3RD AA SECTOR - USA TRANSPORTS WARREN MERRITT, PENN STATE COLLEGE TNG DET - SATC WEST TENN STATE MEMPHIS TENN, SATC UNIT EAST TENN -SATC STOUT INST MENOMONIW WIS, HQ DET 1ST MACHINE GUN -CO B 1ST MACH GUN BN, HQ DET 2ND MACHINE GUN -CO C 5TH MACH GUN BN, 12TH MACHINE GUN CO B - 15TH CO B MACH GUN BN, 15TH MACHINE GUN CO G - 19TH CO A MACH GUN BN, 19TH MACHINE GUN CO B - 24TH CO C MACH GUN BN, 24TH MACHINE GUN CO D - 41ST MACH GUN BN CO A, 41ST MACHINE GUN BN CO B - DET 102ND MACH GUN BN, 103RD MACHINE GUN BNHQ 52ND BRIGADE - CO C 106TH MACH GUN BN, 106RTH MACHINE GUN BNCO C-CO A 110TH MACH GUN BN, 110TH MACHINE GUN BN CO B-113TH MACH GUN BN CO C, 113TH MACHINE GUN BN CO D-118TH MACH GUN BN, 118TH MACHINE GUN BN CO B-ORD PERS 122ND MACH GUN BN, 122ND MACHINE GUN BN ORD PERS-ORD DET 126TH MACH GUN BN, CO A 126TH MACHINE GUN BN -HQ DET 130TH MACH GUN BN, 130TH MACHINE GUN BN -CO A 133TH MACH GUN BN, 133TH MACHINE GUN BN CO A -CO A 137TH MACH GUN BN, 137TH MACHINE GUN BN CO A -MED DET 142ND MACH GUN BN, 142TH MACHINE GUN BN ENLORD CORPS -CO A 146TH MACH GUN BN, 146TH MACHINE GUN BN CO A -CO C 149TH MACH GUN BN, 149TH MACHINE GUN BN CO D -CO B 302ND MACH GUN BN, 302ND MACHINE GUN BN CO B -CO B 306TH MACH GUN BN, 306ND MACHINE GUN BN CO B -310TH MACH GUN BN, 310ND MACHINE GUN BN CO B - CO C 313TH MACH GUN BN, 313TH MACHINE GUN BN CO C - CO A 317TH MACH GUN BN, 317TH MACHINE GUN BN CO A - CO D 320TH MACH GUN BN, 320TH MACHINE GUN BN - CO A 324TH MACH GUN BN, 324TH MACHINE GUN BN CO A - E.OC.M.A. 322ND FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY B-BTRY B 324TH FA REGT. 65TH FIELD ARTILLERY BRIG HQ-HQ CO, 1ST INF BRIG. This page was last edited on 2 July 2021, at 08:21. SIG CORPS NO ROLLS 10464-SIG CORPS NO ROLLS 11799. To order your own book, call or contact The Friends now as shown below (click to enlarge), or use the Purchase a Book link. (Philadelphia, Press of Edward Stern & Co., printers, 1918) Each name is accompanied by a photograph in the book. The Division is named the "Liberty Division" and its shoulder insignia is a Statue of Liberty in gold on a blue . 36TH FIELD ARTILLERYMED & SAN DET- BTRY A 41ST FA REGT. DET 131ST CO CAC GUILFORD CONN. REDES 2ND CO CAC-10TH CO CAC L.I.S. 315th Infantry Regiment (2529/2512) 30 Sept-3 Oct 305th Ammunition Train (unknown) 30 Sept-3 Oct 1/318th Infantry Regiment (3272/3913) 4 October More complete information on this collection and instructions on how to use it can be found in United States, Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters - FamilySearch Historical Records. DET ENL MEN OFF CHIEF OF FA-ARMY SERV DET QM DET, USMA DET CAV WEST POINT-USMA DET OF ENGRS WEST POINT. Depot brigades were often organized, reorganized, and inactivated as requirements to receive and train troops rose and fell, and later ebbed and flowed during post-war demobilization. This page has been viewed 6,788 times (208 via redirect). Nearly all of the profiles and snapshots published on the blog through 2020 are included in our book published in 2020, Brunswick County in the Great War: Preserving the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range and the Legacies of the Men and Women Who Served. 3. . Three Soldiers in the 305th Infantry Regiment got married at midnight just before the unit departed, according to the Times. Served under French Army. His draft card gives his exact birthdate June 29th, 1895. The WWI Brunswick Co. DET QMC POST OF HQ-NATIONAL GUARD DELAWARE INSTRUCTOR PERSONAL, INSTRUCTOR PERSONEL DNG-NY WORLDS FAIR PROV CO 16TH INF. WW1 305th Infantry Regiment (77th Division) Unit History. The Story of the Rainbow Division. Great original complete condition . 29TH CO CAC LOS ANGELES CALF -1ST CO CAC MANILA BAY, DET 86TH CO CAC REDES -8TH CO CAC FT MILLS, 10TH CO CAC MILITARY SURVEY OF LUZON-12TH CO CAC RCT DEPOT FT MILLS, 12TH CO CAC QUARTEL OF MANILA-111TH CO CAC, 111TH CO CAC REDES 15-20TH CO CAC MANILA BAY, 20TH CO CAC MANILA BAY-1ST CO CAC NARRAGANSETT BAY, 1ST CO CAC NARRAGANSETT BAY-5TH CO CAC NARRAGANSETT BAY, 5TH CO CAC NARRAGANSETT BAY-3RD CO CAC FT GREBLE, 117TH CO CAC FT DU PONT-52ND CAC FT RODMAN, 52ND CO CAC FT MONROE-4TH CAC JACKSON BKS, 75TH CO CAC FT McDOWELL-5TH CO CAC OAHU FT KAMEHAM, 6TH CO CAC FT KAMEHAMETHA-55TH CO CAC FT RUGER, 55TH CO CAC FT RUGER-159TH MOTOR CO CAC FT RUGER, 159TH CO CAC FT THOMAS-163RD CO CAC FT SHERIDAN, 22ND CO CAC -3RD CO CAC PORTLAND ME FT WILLIAMS, 3RD CO CAC PORTLAND ME CAC FT WILLIAMS-51ST CO CAC, 51ST CO CAC-21ST CO PORTLAND CA TRP FT PREBLE ME. POST N.C.S MANILA-DET FIN DEPT MITCHELL FLD. ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 703-584-1501 More complete information on this collection and instructions on how to use it can be found in United States, Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters - FamilySearch Historical Records | Men of an Irish-American regiment and their chaplain pause before celebrating mass at Camp Cass, . 42d Division Summary of Operations in the World War. 314th AMM TR, 4th MTR-316th AMM TR, Co E . 2ND BN 1ST FA HQ & HQ BTRY- BTRY E 1ST FA REGT, 1ST FA REGTDET RECRUIT FT MCDOWELL CALIF- BN HQ& HQ BTRY 2ND FA REGT, 2ND FA REGT HQ & HQ BTRY-BTRY A 2ND FA REGT. 16TH DIV AMM TR Horsed BN-101st AMM TR CO-D, 101st AMM TR 5TH CO, 26th D,-103rd AMM TR CO D, 103rd AMM TRAIN CO D-105TH AMM TR Wagon Co, 105TH AMM TR Co G-107TH AMM TR DET of PNTS GH. Click on the Brunswick County veteran name on the rosters below to view the NC World War I Service Card. Born: 24 December 1889 3 Draft Registration: 05 June 1917, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 4 Military: 06 October 1917, Company M, 319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division 5 6 7. CP ZACHARY TAYLOR-BTRY C 16TH BN F.A.R.D, 302ND FIELD SIG BN CO B-DET 305TH FLD SIG BN, 306TH F S BN HQ & SUP DET-308TH F.S. The Regimental HQ, 2nd Engineers (1920) The official history of the Second Regiment of Engineers and Second Engineer Train, United States Army, in the world war. Diary of Colonel Joseph Hyde Pratt commanding 105th Engineers, A.E.F. 23RD BOMB SQ 5TH COMPOSITE LUKE FLD- 28TH BOMB SQ NICHOLAS FLD R.I. 28TH BOMB SQ AC NICHOLS FLD P.I- 22ND BOMB SQ 119TH BOMP GP LUKE FLD T.H, 72ND BOMB SQ AC LUKE FLD T.H- 10 CADET SQ CP DICK TEXAS, 11TH CADET SQ CP DICK TEXAS- 2ND OBSERVATION SQ AC, 2ND OBSERVATION SQ AC FT MILLS P.I. 1861 1 photographic print on card mount : albumen. Organized November 1917 in Camp Greene, NC. Big Red One Columbia, S.C., The R. L. Bryan co. The 77th Division was organized August 25, 1917, at Camp Upton, New York. 35 grams of butter to tablespoons; alexa and katie house. The 1st and 2d Battalions were inactivated 30 December 1965 and relieved from assignment to the 77th Infantry Division.[8]. It later served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. At the time he lived at 425 East 116th Street in Manhattan and wasnt legally registered as an American citizen. A train carrying part of the 305th derailed on the way to the. Some who died of disease were also in depot brigades at their death. United States, Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters - FamilySearch Historical Records, United States, Enlisted and Officer Muster Rolls and Rosters, 1916-1939, https://www.familysearch.org/en/wiki/index.php?title=United_States,_Enlisted_and_Officer_Muster_Rolls_and_Rosters,_Enlisted_Muster_Rolls_-Inventory&oldid=4516716, FamilySearch Historical Records Inventory, United States FamilySearch Historical Records. Sergeant Acker distinguished himself by gallantry in action while serving with Machine Gun Company, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division, A.E.F., in action near Fismes, France, 8 August 1918. Insignia consists of the O and H from the name Old Hickory and three XXXs, the Roman numeral for 30. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this sites author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. The 30th Infantry Regiment is a United States Army infantry regiment. 336TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY F-BTRY A 339TH FA REGT. . The 1st battalion of the regiment is still an active unit of the United States Army Reserve . Organized December 1917 at Camp Stuart, VA. Comprised of two entirely African American infantry brigades. Columbus, OH: Heer. 16th 18th 26th 28th. The division was scattered throughout eastern and southern United States and not united until after its arrival in France. 82ND FIELD ARTILLERY MED DETL-82ND FA BTRY B. The 30th Infantry Regiment can be credited with 531 days of combat operations while sustaining 8,308 casualties. A history of the 305th infantry, Contributor Names Tiebout, Frank Bosworth, 1890- . 305th 306th 307th 308th. 9476. 448th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion. 15TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY B-16 FA SUPPLY CO. 17TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY E-18TH FA BTRY A, 18TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY C-BTRY F 18TH FA REGT. After arrival in France, the 5 was removed. 153rd Infantry Brigade . CO C 3RD BN US GURAD-CO D 13TH BN CP DIX NJ. Montgomery, William SGT Company A Questionnaire . Infantry. Dessert. WWI US Army 78th Infantry Division Campaign Battle with Roster!! The regiment participated in the following campaigns: Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne, Champagne, and Lorraine. Empty cart. 305th AMM TR, 4th Motor TRK-307th AMM TR,2nd caison. Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, United States. 1st Brigade, Field Artillery(Commanding officer not announced) ; 5th, 6th, and 7th Regiments; 1st Trench Mortar Battery. Gerald Gschiel Bio, As of June, 1917 he worked with a company named Ricca & Son at 89 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY. Each set of digital images is assigned a DGS number for identification purposes. 1. Bacon, William James (1920) History of the Fifty-fifth Field Artillery Brigade 1917, 1918, 1919. . FINANCE DET FT BROWN-POST N.C. STAFF, FT DADE. 8th Div MM TR DET-16TH DIV AMM TR HQ DET. Documentation (with rosters): WW I US Army 362nd Infantry Regiment 91st Division Roster Unit History Book. Infantry. B. World War I American Battle Monuments Commission (1944). Feel free to view examples of morning reports and rosters below. SIG CORPS NO ROLLS 9340-SIG CORPS NO ROLLS 10461. The regiment participated in the following campaigns: Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne, Champagne, and Lorraine. 134th Infantry Regiment. FINANCE DET FT SILL-P.N.C. It was originally constituted 2 February 1901 in the Regular Army as the 30th Infantry. New York, George H. Doran company. HQ DET 1ST MOTOR REPAIR BN-DETS 2ND MOTOR REPAIR BN. Sullivan, Willard P (1919) History of the 105th Regiment of Engineers divisional engineers of the Old Hickory (30th) Division. REPAIR UNIT,321,SEC 11 MOTOR TRANSPORT DEPOT. 305th infantry regiment ww1 roster. It makes sense given his NY area residency at the time. All WWI Profiles and Snapshots for Brunswick County, NC, WWI veterans can be found using links on the veteran name on the WWI Brunswick County Veteran webpage. Those soldiers drafted near the end of the war often were honorably discharged while in depot brigades. The division was commanded by US Marine Corps generals twice during WWI, the only time in US military history when Marine Corps officers commanded an Army division. 65th Infantry Regiment MA Borinqueneers List P.O.

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