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As the trial begins, John Sutton sits far from his son. Nobody deserves to die! Where TF are you? All day long, a hopped up Garrett had been calling him for drugs. Those children were now planning their mother's funeral as police scoured the crime scene. His wifes murder was kept from him while he recovered and stayed in the hospital until mid-September. "Susan taught me about like makeup and clothes and all of that stuff," she said, getting emotional. Search Clarksburg obituaries and condolences, hosted by Echovita. And you know, I always will.". He attended Central State University in Wilberforce, OH. John Lee Sutton, Jr. was born on December 5, 1941, in Houston County, GA, the eldest of nine children born to Deacon John L., Sr. and Susie (Smith) Sutton. No evidence -- not the letter nor a statement from whomever supposedly diagnosed him as a sociopath -- was ever offered as evidence. "He said to me, 'We had dinner here at the house, but we left around 9 and we went to the movies. He was an Agent of Conger Insurance Co. where he was awarded Man of the Year many times. Savannah McCarty Walker. John W Sutton, Age 94. At any time at Fletcher High School you can take Sutton Lane to the John Wimpy Sutton pool. As for the polygraph, police say he failed because he was covering up the affair, hoping to keep it from John. This site is provided as a service of SCI Shared Resources, LLC. It's unfortunate.". Would you like to offer John Louis Suttons loved ones a condolence message? Rumor has it, he ate more than he sold. Updated: 07/09/2018 . Finally, there are exemplary adoptions cases but we can not deny that adoption has an stigma created by the secrecy of what took place before the child was removed from his natural mother. Her alibi checked out. Juliette met with Christopher when she was just 17. But forcing them to a place that physically & mentally abuses them is obviously only going to aggravate their anger. "She was threatened with going down.". The gunman turned back to the master bedroom and . But Marier says if Christopher didn't get his way, he could get extremely angry. Christopher's defense needs to prove Garrett is lying. Christopher is sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Instead John Sutton lived and is blind. If he wanted the condo, he should be able to have the condo because, 'I deserve this. One of Wimpys talented swimmers, Ken Walsh, went on the become a double gold medalist in the 1968 Olympics. On August 22, 2004, they had plenty to celebrate. He knew his father had just received a $1 million-plus legal settlement. He got into fights even as early as preschool and committed acts of vandalism. Very, very upset.". And the complaints continued after the shooting, too. John Earl Sutton Jr. 12/02/1963 - 09/30/2021. wow! I read it. He had been diagnosed a sociopath even before he was sent to samoa. John D. Sutton ("David") John D. "David" Sutton, 77 of Parkersburg passed away July 8, 2022 at the Camden Clark Medical Center after an extended illness. On the tape, Christopher is seen leaving the theatre with Juliette a little before midnight. Of British parentage, John Sutton was born in Rawalpindi, India (now part of Pakistan), on October 22, 1908. Belyeu: Did Christopher tell you he left it unlocked? In 1954 he and Coach Don Jarrett opened the first Coaches Tree Lot and 2nd Avenue North and 63 years later it is still a Beaches landmark. Susan had just turned 57, and Johns firm had won three lucrative cases. "And I thought people were trying to kill me while I was in the hospital. In Christopher's room, Susan found a note. 1701 Beach Blvd . "He almost immediately dropped his head to the table and started crying and said, 'I'm f-----d.'". The one they never sent away like trash. But something caught Cordero's eye. The family let him back into their lives after he got back from Samoa and showed a lot of trust him, and took care of him financially. Pastor Casey Mill will officiate. "Christopher did nothing but sell drugs the whole time he got back from Samoa all the time taking money from his father," Hoague tells Roberts. Prosecutor: Was he joking or did he seem serious? A lawyer who was blinded after being shot along with his wife at their South Florida home in 2004 in an alleged contract hit testified today against his 31-year-old . Your Profile? CANDLE HAS BEEN LIT CANDLES HAVE BEEN LIT, We are reviewing your submission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It was a last-ditch effort to help him. Throughout his career he touched many lives, first in private practice and then . John spent his early years in Greensboro, NC. Family Funeral Home at Harvey . He wants that kid gone and his wife ? Moreover, he was on the phone with Susan at the time of the shooting. According to prosecutors, Christopher hired one of his drug customers, Garrett Kopp, to kill his parents. That's something that he did as a hobby," Cordero said. Jail apparently is where he belongs. Of course what he did was wrong. Reset Search. What he did was wrong! John Sutton called authorities after he was shot in the head in his home as he slept. That's the worst thing," says John. He was born in Sewickley, PA February 11, 1945 the son of the late George W. and Mary C. Gregoria Sutton. Such an incredible difference, so sad! implantation symptoms duration how to create fields in custom object in salesforce braids dreads style So I have done everything that I can possibly do without hesitation.". But Rogers says even worse things went on at Paradise Cove in the early days of the program when Christopher first got there. John E. Sutton reported to the staff of the Supreme Commander on June 8, 2018. A cemetery posted a personal ad for a goose whose mate died. Montotos gun was found not to be a match for casings found at the crime scene. John was a graduate of Theodore High School and the University of South Alabama with a degree in Business. On July 21, Christopher Sutton was found guilty of attempted murder and murder in the first degree. We identified 559 records related to "John Sutton" in the state of Florida. The business failed and Christopher went back to dealing drugs. Kopps number was in Chris phone records, and the two had spoken the night of the crime. It showed that his responses to questions concerning his relationship with Susan were deceptive. Yep," Juliette said. He can't even cry because the bullets took out his tear ducts along with severing his optic nerves. ", Asked who he though had done it, Christopher told Roberts, "I had no idea.". After arresting Christopher, he showed him Juliette's statement incriminating him. For a woman the fact that she is incapable to procreate creates a trauma because she is incapable to develop the natural role of a woman of procreation. Obituary for John Louis Sutton. Macdonell Taylor(Rob) and Janet Macdonell(John Clancy), along with many wonderful nieces and nephews with whom he was very close. Uncover John's photos, videos, and more . A year into Paradise Cove, Christopher sent an emotional video message home to his parents: John, Susan and Melissa traveled to Samoa to see for themselves what it was like. John Louis Sutton, 67, of Crawfordville, passed away Monday, January 16, 2023. That woman didn't deserve to die and he didnt deserve to go blind And Christopher didn't deserve to go to Torture Island. Detective Cordero hoped John, even with a serious head injury, could help her. I never threatened her with that," said Belyeu. @Sunday, actually, since I grew up in foster care in an era when those "camps" were a big thing, I can tell you that it wasn't just the parents in the end. Family Funeral Home at Harvey Young Chapel. The point is that adoptive parents need to understand adoption issues and find help for their troubled child. They apparently gave me last rites. I'm just so sorry it happened at the hands of my son.". Current Address: PRPQ Swanson Ct, Spring Hill, FL. Darril Rayburn Gibson 09/01/1958 - 09/08/2022. The point of entry appeared to be a sliding glass door. Your entire world just blew up.". The couples son Christopher, 25, and his fiance, Juliette Driscoll, dropped in for the gathering before going to a movie. John is a graduate of Newtown High School and a veteran of the US Navy serving in the South Pacific during WWII. Why cause so much pain and hurt? He was placed when he was only 2 days old. For years he held the record for the most saves. "Christopher had a rifle it was not loaded. Other people for sure, but not my adoptive parents. And police were able to confirm he wasn't in the Sutton home during the shooting. Driscoll told police that a woman had railed against Johns firm days before the shooting because of a settlement that didnt go in her favor. and killed. 2 records for "John Sutton" in "Hernando County". An arrest warrant for Chris Sutton was issued on March 26, 2005. Actually a number of kids from the same Samoan camp Christopher went to did commit murder. Do you want my ticket stubs?'" We had a psychiatric report that recommended behavioral modification.. Am I the omly one who thinks the killer (sociopath) went in for the drugs - $7000 value, plus jewelry etc. When Christopher was 16, his parents hired thugs to take him to. "No. John R. Sutton is an attorney serving South Miami, FL. Get service details, leave condolence messages or send flowers in memory of a loved one in Plantation, Florida. Find contact information, experience, peer reviews, directions, and more at I followed the disappearance and murder of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam in San Diego in 2002, for which her neighbor David Westerfield was convicted. Like our page to stay informed about passing of a loved one in Saint Petersburg, Florida on facebook. The Florida Genealogy Society was founded in 1958 and is the oldest genealogical association in the state. "Because what's the evidence? ", "It would be completely understandable if you felt sorry for yourself sometimes," Roberts remarks. "He and some other kids broke into a teacher's house and trashed the inside of the house and spray painted the inside of the house," said Susan's sister, Mary Marier. But police were hearing alarming stories about Christopher. I remember a lot of pain, he told Murdered By Morning, airing Saturdays at 8/7c on Oxygen. Return to Current Obituaries. Twice. Prosecutors say Christopher Sutton never got over his anger and in August 2004, he had his . His parents were John V. Sutton and Helen Sutton, and sister Donna Marie Sutton. JOHN SUTTON OBITUARY. Teddy Montoto's gun didn't match the murder weapon. He loved the outdoors, fishing, hunting . We'll never know. In March 2005 police caught a break when a woman reported that she suspected her ex-boyfriend, Garrett Kopp, could be involved in Susans murder. Dressed in all black with a Glock 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, the man shot John, then turned to Susan and shot her six times. - and the 13 phone calls were his way of tracking Christopher's location ? Florida 32302 -- Skip & Trey Young along with Paula and Kimberly are assisting the family with their arrangements. His parents bought him a $300,000 condominium and helped him start a business. SUSAN SUTTON OBITUARY. I see a lot of people saying the parents did a bad thing by sending him to Samoa. Life Event Center at Florida Memorial Gardens. Years later, Chris, who still relied on financial support from his parents, was seething over what had occurred to him, investigators said. Wimpy and Bobbie were well known throughout the United Stated for their (352) 346-.css-1y2reja{color:transparent;position:relative;z-index:12;text-shadow:0.1rem 0.1rem 0.6rem #089FE4;}XNYP. I've read many articles lately stating that these boots camps had employees that were raping the kids there. It looked like the shooter came there to shoot Susan and her husband. He didn't cause any problems living with us.". The Dignity Memorial brand name is used to identify a network of licensed funeral, cremation and cemetery providers that include affiliates of Service Corporation International, 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas. He was now out on bail. Chris's father said he doesn't love him anymore, and Garett's father was sobbing for his son, even though he knew he was a murderer. ", Asked if he thinks about his family, Christopher told Roberts, "All the time, absolutely. "I was thinking that possibly, you know, Chris might have been behind it," he replied. "Does anybody know anything about his original family and why he was made available for adoption? He was dearly loved at the Beaches for his tireless commitment to the community. I believe without a doubt that the parents were uneducated on how to facilitate healing in their sons loss but then again weren't most adoptive parents during this time frame? Christopher was taken to a number of psychiatrists and doctors. Yes, flower arrangements are fulfilled and delivered by local florists from Plantation. They had two adopted children. In 2003, the parents sent their son to a school in Samoa designed for troubled teens against his will. "We were told that there was oppositional defiant disorder or conduct defiant disorder. Period.Christopher was the prototypical spoiled "cute" kid. I'm tired of being quit, I'll probably get hit by a car tommorow. Find an obituary, get service details, leave condolence messages or send flowers or gifts in memory of a loved one. They were dope smoking buddies," Carin Kahgan told the court. On that topic, I can without a doubt my adoption was the driving force behind that. He will be sorely missed by former students, friends and family. Cordero asked for one, Christopher replied, "Because of Teddy's interrogation.". Obituaries. He doesn't ask for leniency. We cannot edit or change the comment in any way. Was it random? Scary stuff. Kopp's statement is a total lie. It was more they did what they thought was in my best interest," Christopher told Roberts. The questioning lasted for 13 hours -- none of which was taped by police. But on cross examination, Juliette says she only told the police incriminating information about Christopher after they threatened her with arrest. Not a tear," Prosecutor Kathleen Hoague added. This guy was adopted days old. And thankfully for them, I had no mental illness. JOHN SUTTON OBITUARY. ", "Uh huh. There is a case in which the child was put in a airplane and returned to his original country. In 2000, Paradise Cove, with a dwindling enrollment and accusations of abuse, shut down. Dr. John Perry Sutton, Jr. COLUMBIA, SC - Dr. John Perry Sutton, Jr., 83, true renaissance man, of Columbia and Seabrook Island, died on Monday, September 12, 2022. He admits he had problems from the get-go, ended up in a mental institution for evaluation at 13 (he doesn't know his diagnosis, in fact insists he was declared healthy), then sent to group homes, in other words his parents washed their hands of him. "I remember asking Melissa, 'How's mom doing?' If adopted at age 2 days, why was he told at a young age that he was adopted? SUTTON John Frederick Sutton, Jr. born on August 1, 1964 in Mobile, Alabama died on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. "Christopher isn't like you and me. Leroy Eugene Rollins. The officer did and it was a match. ", Marier says Christopher talked about what happened. "He said, 'Look, you're going to have to protect me. The world of darkness he now lives in is slowly brightening with each passing day. "I lost Susan. NOT! He and his girlfriend were at the movies - and can be seen on the theater's security cameras. I lost Christopher long before that. "If he wanted this car, he should be able to have this car. . He finally owned up to the fact that he and Susan were having an affair. His sister, Melissa, says she'll never speak to him again. I wanted to get out of there. My point was that bad therapy doesnt or rather shouldnt have to lead to murder to be found BAD. Posted online on January 18, 2023. "The whole trial opened the wound back up, you know? On August 22, 2004, there was a lot to celebrate. He says Susan was under the covers when he fired. A unique and lasting tribute for a loved one. Search Saint Petersburg obituaries and condolences, hosted by "Christopher Suttons mother gave him up so that he could have a better life. "She said, 'Don't let anybody in the house don't pick up the phone. Christopher says he kept drugs boxed up in the closet of his old bedroom where his mother often slept and Garrett knew it. It may take up to 1 hour for your comment to appear on the website. I lost my eyesight ". Once the head nurse of a surgical intensive care unit, Susan gave her career up in the late 70s when she and John adopted their first child, Christopher. John Sutton was a successful trial lawyer. He said, 'absolutely," Det. There are 2 court records for "John Sutton" in "Hernando County". Cordero recalled. I listened to it for six years. He pointed it at Susan and Melissa and he told them it was loaded and he was going to shoot them," she said. View John Sutton's obituary, send flowers and find service dates or sign the guestbook. There is something wrong with Christopher Sutton. * Historical, vital, and court records and search results may require an additional purchase. We did not fault the Suttons although they did the worst possible thing in sending him to a brutal camp far from home. "He actually choked his mother one time, saying that he could kill her," said Belyeu. "How did [Christopher] react when this happened?" I don't know if he did it or not. She wasn't. Here's the facts as presented on Dateline and South Florida News. Well said, couldn't have said it better myself. Makes me sick- Christopher was sent to prison island at the time in his life undoubtedly the pain of it started to creep up. I have my own suspicions why Chris was adopted. That poor boy probably never felt loved. John has resided in a single family house in East Tawas, MI with Mary. James O'Brien was blind in his left eye after teenagers sprayed him with acid 25 years ago. / CBS News, Produced by Patti Aronofsky[This story previously aired on July 16, 2011. Seven years later, the Suttons adopted a daughter, Melissa. On August 22, 2004, they had plenty to celebrate. "It wasn't his fault. "You can understand how he may have wanted to exact revenge against his parents for his time at Paradise Cove?". He was adored by his family and will be greatly missed. Do you assume that because the father is an attorney and the boy was raised in an affluent neighborhood in Miami?I see the family life as problematic and I see red flags with the mother's behavior. But would the woman who once planned to marry Christopher now offer testimony that could put him away for life? He donates money for research to restore his sight so I doubt he would do that if he was blind in one eye. Sometimes brains are hard wired from birth and sociopathic or psychopathic behaviour is their norm. John R. Sutton is a Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer in Florida, has been licensed to practice law in the state since 1972, and has been a board . They bought him a 300 thousand dollar condo at a young age. I agree just watched it on Dateline for what he did acting out wasn't really bad I've done worse to be honest with you it's a shame the kid got screwed all the way around from his real mom, then they adopt him and they too abandoned him at a prison camp they should have left him in the system he would have been better off. "You know, you hear something so many times and you just don't think about it.". There is abuse in our public schools so I find it interesting that people in hindsight are so knowledgeable about Torture Island. When Chris Sutton arrived at his parents home he told police he and his girlfriend had been at the movies the previous night and handed over tickets as proof. "Did you ask Garrett Kopp to kill your parents?" Learn more about the practice of Sutton Law Group of South Miami, FL, Give us a call at 305-667-4481 for a consultation or to learn more about our services. "Everybody says it was somewhat of a miracle that I survived," John Sutton told "48 Hours" correspondent Troy Roberts. He had loving parent that adopted him imo. ; ). Chris Sutton came back on his 19th birthday, after 30 months at the school. Searching for Florida obituaries online enables you to delve into history and uncover long lost ancestors. The night before the funeral is when I was convinced that Christopher had something to do with it. Comfort the family with flowers or a sympathy gift. How could this boy have problems with being adopted? Seems like there were problems in this family (not just with their child, but with the whole family unit) loooong before the terrible crimes in this case occurred. I looked at Christopher and I thought, 'You killed her. if i where on the situation of Garrett Kopp`s father i guess i would act like him but if i where on the same boot of chris`s father i would also act the same as him also. The guy who was the shooter was Christopher' accuser. View property details and household demographic information related to income, investments, and interests. The couple believed that Chris was making progress. A man accused of hiring a drug addict to kill his parents was found guilty of first-degree murder and attempted . Bullet casings recovered at the scene were all from a .9mm gun. Det. They paid insurance payments. We hear that there are many proud hamburgers and hotdogs still walking around today. 5.0/5.0. Sarasota County, Florida 941-861-5000 *Please note: In accordance with Florida . "He was a competitive shooter. truly wanted. DANA test should be done. That was an unfortunate decision on their part. The loss of my mom, the blindness of my dad and the loss of my brother. Bruce Fleisher: Were they saying Garrett, Garrett. Perhaps, but when Christopher was 16, things really escalated. Garrett told police the plan to kill the Suttons was all Christopher's idea. Results for this person or the person you are looking for are not guaranteed to appear in search results. Write your message of sympathy today. And when John finally left the hospital, he moved in with his son. Celebrate the life of John Sutton, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of . Theater security cameras confirmed their whereabouts. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. John L. was a native and lifelong resident of the area. John W Sutton, Age 94. aka Joan C Grainger, Joan C Sutton. nnennem yea thts intense!! I mean he is crazy enough to brandish the murder weapon THE NEXT DAY ! My sister is the perfect one. I've read up on Paradise Cove & anyone in their right mind would know that such a place would only aggravate things.

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